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->Judaeo-Xtian versions: Sons (bene) of God (Elohim)/Watchers/Enochians/Nefilim descending from heaven (in days of Jared) and beget Giants of wickedness by fair Daughters (bath?) of men (Adam). Some Xtians believe that Antichrist will come in a UFO faking the 2nd Coming of Christ. Bk of Daniel: iron + clay = angels + humans?
-> (The biblical Tower of Babel was built to raise men up to heaven/God, &/or) the Sumerian ziggurats were built to bring the gods down from heaven.
-> Sumer: kingship desc from heaven/Anu.
-> Sumerian: Z Sitchin claims Sumerian myth says Annunaki came from planet X.
-> [Babylonian?] version: Terra-cotta men and fair women (Acknowl: T Jantsang.)
-> "gods plural before god singular" (E von Daniken).
-> Mythology traces human origins from the Great Mountain/mtns which can be figurative of heaven (& landing place mt [Hermon]).
-> [Armenian (unverified): Arevorti "sons/(children) of the sun/(light)".]
-> Indian version: Marisha d of Kandu/[Suryavansa or [serpent race]], + Prachetasas => Daksha/Pretas/Ishwara, (T Jantsang/Puranas).
-> Mongol version (creation myth): Borjigin/blue-eyed heroes children of the Blue (celestial) Wolf and the White Fallow Doe ("repr sky & earth, male & female, light & dark") (Acknowls: Hopsen, T Jantsang, S Devi, Google.)
-> China: emperor called "son/monarch of heaven". Arrival of the sons of heaven in fiery-tailed dragon ships.
-> Japan: emperor called "son/monarch of heaven".
-> winged discs; ezekiel; the egg; vimanas.

-> Theosophical version: 1st root race Astral, 2nd Ethereal (Ref: Scott-Eliot.)
-> separte creation/parallel evolution/polygenesis.
-> "tall, dark and handsome."
-> Greek version: From Uranus (sky/heaven) and Gaea (earth) come the Titans (Acknowl: J Jewell.)
-> Roman version: Romans had no women, abduct/"rape" (seduce) daughters of Sabines, Romans and Sabines thereafter become one people (Ref: Larousse, Acknowl: T Jantsang.)
-> Norse versions: Golden Age lasted until the women of Jotunheim corrupted it. Man, maid & frost giant. Wannen. (Sykes, Larousse, Branston.)
-> Baltic: sons of sky marry daughters of sun.
-> Transfirmia version: (superior) Alien beings interfered with (seeded life on earth &/or sped-up) human evolution. Scientists/scholars believe that life may have evolved on Mars.
-> Aetherians make Jesus Christ to be an Alien; (Yahweh made out to be an Alien by sub-genius society).
-> (vestal) "virgins" of the ....

-> Inca: emperors/kings called "son/children of the sun/light". Giants deprived of light.
-> Mochica: Giants landed on the coast and raped the native women, (A Alford).

-> Navaho: the daughters of Bright Star and Great Star marry the sons of the Sun and the Moon (L Stringer).

-> blue skined (robed) [& eyed, blooded] gods? (P Kolosimo.)
-> Egyptian pharaohs called "son of sun/Re".
-> Egyptian: union of Upper & Lower Egypt (red & black)?
-> The knowledge of the Dogon tribe about Sirius/Sothis (Nommo myths).
-> Benin: sons of Fa came from the sky.

-> NZ: Orthodox scholars say that the Maori myths of earlier White peoples (spirit-walkers) in NZ/Polynesia are really ETs/(smurves/fairies).

-> "sphinx"/"pyrs"/[canals]/7 caves on mars.
-> Modern day UFOs/flying saucers (which defy laws of physics).

The biblical story of the Sons of God descending & mix/mating with the fair daughters of men is debated to be refering to either Angels [= "aliens/gods"] and Adamitesses, or Sethites and Cainitesses.

"Aliens" must have either "evolved" or been created (with or without intermediate in turn transfirmian "seedings").

"Aliens" = Angels = "gods".

It is alleged that giants were not literal but exagerated/dualised/relative/deified/given features symbolically/child:adult.

Forbidden scientific & historical evidence of literal giants prooving the accuracy of the Bible &/or of "mythology" that I have collected incls:

1) Ancient human oral memories of our ancestors ("myths" & Bible) of giants eg:

-> Judaeo-Xtian: Nephilim/giants of wickedness/Gibborim, Rephaim, Anakim, Zuzims, Zamzummims, Emims, (Og, Nimrod, Goliath);
-> Norse: Etins/Jotuns, Thurses, Muspel, deformed giants, Jack & the Bean stalk;
-> Cro-Magnons tall/superior stature to today;
-> Celtic: Gogmagog;
-> Greek: Titans, Cyclopes, Gigantes, Aloeidae, Hecatoncheires;
-> Inca: giants deprived of light;
-> Mexican: Quinametzin;
-> Maori: Rapuwai.

2) Finds of ancient/prehistoric giant humanoid footprints in USA (disputed whether genuine), Sakkara in Egypt, & allegedly Australia & NZ (Gilroy disputed whether genuine).

3) Finds of (used?) "ceremonal" mega-tools in a few places around the world.

4) "impossible" ancient structures such as megaliths/stonehenge, pyramids, Baalbek. (Tho recent theories include ancient cement.)

5) "exagerated" statures of kings & gods in ancient pictures (eg Naramsin) who are called part divine.

6) Finds of giant human & animal (megafauna, gigantopithecus/meganthropus) bones/skeletons in a few places around the world (compare big wetas high altitude). (Some other recent giant humanoid bones disputed whether genuine/fake.)

7) modern sitings of creatures like big foot?

8) remnant giant features in modern pictures of persons eg Andre, Ernest Roehm, and discoveries by modern geneticists. (Compare Little John.)

9) the recent discovery of the opposite "Hobbits" in Indonesia.

Sinuhe story is reminiscent of David, were he goes up against a "mighty/strong man" ie giant.

Previously candidates for races [descendants] of giants were Cro-Magnons, Patagonians, Jutes/Nordics & Nilotics (ectomorphs).

In bible giants come between Jared (pre-fl)/(Og)/Nimrod (post-fl) and David, (tho some traditions say Adam was a giant).

Some think the biblical name Nephilim/Nefilim "fall/fell" (n- prefix (I Donnelly)?) is related to Sumer-Akkadian name Nibiru/Nabiru (also/alt compared to Hebrew &/or Nimrod), &/or Eddaic name [Niflheim/Niflhel]/Nibelung (cp Grk Nephele); [cp netherlands, nihilism?]. (Perhaps Naacal [Nachal?] (Na-chan?) (or nile/[nahar/nahal])???)

Some are seemingly suggesting that the nephilim are not the fallen angels &/or their earthly offspring because they see Gen 6:4-5 "There were nefilim/giants (of wickedness) in/on the earth in those days and after that when the sons of God came [NWT "continued"] .... The Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth...." as possibly implying they were "in" the earth before the angels descended, [tho perhaps "- and after -" (Amp) is post-flood?]. There is seemingly a distinction in myth between 2 kinds/races/types of giants: earth-born, and offspring of heaven (& earth)? Some add that there is a tradition that Adam was a giant; and that there was a (connected) decline in stature/size, IQ/memory and lifespan/longevity (cf wetas). The [metal age] dwarves/elves of some mythologies are perhaps our type of modern humans in relative comparision to the [stone age] giants.

Derek Prince once suggested that the mixing was occult rather than/as well as physical/sexual/literal.

Josephus & Genesis 6:5 seem to confirm that the nefilim were humans (Adamite descs, Josephus says specifically Sethites).
Thus we have reached a synthesis that has both the sons of God/daughters of men interpretations (Angels/Adamitesses, Sethites/Cainitesses) (and explaining origin of Sethites/Cainites one), adding an extra category to other 2 making 3 categories: the Nephilim/giants of wikedness, the descended Angels and the offspring of angels & daughters.

(Adam via) earth cursed -> Cain cursed -> Lamech -> men defy name of lord (Enosh) -> nefilim/giants of wickedness -> mixing with fallen angels -> offspring angels -> (Ham via) Canaan cursed -> hunter against the lord.

There are a number of different types/levels/degrees of giants/angels/gods/aliens in myth:
- nefilim, - descended angels, - pre-flood offspring of angels & humans, - post-flood giants, ....

Mixing also went on between angels/men and beasts/animals/creatures (cp Omoroka/Thalath myth, ape-men?).

Some say the bible doesn't give a clear/definate account about the creation of the angels (when). I came across a theory of my own that the beasts/creatures/animals created (and named by Adam) in Gen 2 might be the angels? (or the stars of Gen 1 might be?) Angels are called creatures/flies in a couple of places in bible. Cherubs said to have 4 faces ([lion, bull, man/angel, serpent]). The serpent Nahash of Gen 3 is supposed to be Satan. Gen 6:7 says God will wipe out beasts/birds in Flood.

petros koutoupis (origins of the nephilim); derek prince, erich von daniken, zecharia sitchin, chuck misler (66 40), f josephus, alan alford, john jewell, peter kolosimo (timeless earth), dodona, jc cooper, rex gilroy, roy alan anderson, sydney bristowe, jamie, wierville, andrew collins,

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